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Suspended Features

A program that generatively creates G-Code to drive a 3D printer. Live input from sensors, microphones or citygram(??) will be taken in and translated into layers of a 3D object. At the end of the Expo, a complete object will have been created that is reflective of the data from the whole day.



Zach Crumrine

Zach Crumrine is a multimedia artist who works mainly in digital mediums. His work explores the relationships that arise between technology and its user, and aims to foster mutualistic interaction between the two.

Reyes Photo MODLobby

Daniel Reyes

Daniel Reyes (Tarzana, 1993) is a sound artist, fabricator, musician, and engineer currently obtaining his Bachelor�s degree in �Music Technology.� Viewed in strictly formal terms, his work is based on intricate machine fabrication and custom software design. Technical aspects aside, the interest of his work lies in visually amplifying human�s perception of physical phenomenas occurring in the sonic world.

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