Judge Napolitano Wire Tap British Spy in 2019

Everything Iphone 4: Tips, Tricks, Techniques And Guidance When you have an apple iphone, then you know the amount of a giant it could be. The iphone 4 is among the finest smartphones accessible, and is available loaded with lots of features. You want a wealth of understanding to work with every one of the capabilities available, and you will … Read More


WWWindows Machine Lab – Stedman Halliday An interactive examination of the window as a historically central graphic user interface element.  

Realistic Web Manifesto

Realistic Web Manifesto Machine Lab – Stedman Halliday This project aims to express the spirit and ideas of The Realistic Manifesto (Gabo & Pevsner, 1920), a work widely regarded as the seminal text of Constructivism. The Constructivist movement revolved around an artistic philosophy concerned primarily with the intrinsic physical and spatial properties of objects.  

Audio Encryption

Audio Encryption Machine Lab – Jacob Penn, Bruce Dawson Two Computers – one pulls data from the internet and converts it to audio / another listens to audio and converts back to text ( an encryption process is created for safe data transferring  


Interface Machine Lab – Jacob Penn An Interface that invites user interaction. Explore the buttons and knobs and see what sounds and visuals are produced!  

Metatron's Garden

Metatron’s Garden Main Gallery – James Hurwitz LED light lined Platonic solids trigger a colorful audio-visual experience.  

Matrix Chamber

Matrix Chamber Main Gallery – Mint Park Matrix Chamber is an interactive sound gallery that instrumentalizes a space with movements. Using bodies to generate multiple layers of data matrices that alters sound and visuals, audience can create their own unique compositions and leave their human imprint. Play with different bodies, boxes and sensors. Dance, or not Dance. Create your own composition with … Read More

Imprint Transients

Imprint Transients Main Gallery – Spencer Salazar Imprint Transients is an exploration of representation and impermanence. In this dynamic video installation, a series of computational algorithms search for fleeting, minimally expressive representations of past events.  

VR Flight Experience

VR Flight Experience Main Gallery – Mindride LLC Fly like Superman in this immersive new Oculus Rift experience! We have prototyped a completely camera-less, controller-less flight environment which uses motion capture tech, a few fans, a virtual 3D world and reactive sound design and music to give you a new kind of VR demo. Lay down in the harness, briefly train our … Read More


1990 L-Shape Gallery – Nathan Villicaña-Shaw 1990 showcases two circuit bent SNES gaming consoles. Each of these video game consoles have been taken apart and had 26 wires soldered to specific locations on the internal circuitry to produce the distorted visual states seen. You are encouraged to play games on the SNES's as well as manipulate their glitched states by turning either … Read More