Return to Mothership

Return to Mothership

Two players enter into a spaceship, are given a “Sonic Hammer” and embark on a cooperative mission to return back to their Mothership. Players dodge asteroids by steering their ship using a fully analog pulley system. Manage their ships resources with interactive consoles as well as destroy asteroids using the games custom designed ‘Sonic Hammers’ all before running out of oxygen and dying a horrible space death.

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Dave Mickey



Nathan Shaw – Music Technology – BFA4

Nathan Villicaña-Shaw is a digital artist, composer and creative technologist. He is passionate about engineering, physical computing, interactive technology, music and collaborating with creative people to fabricate amazing experiences for others. He enjoys designing and programming custom interaction hardware and creating synesthetic installation environments that are dynamic, engaging and memorable for their interactees. His work draws inspiration from glitch-art, cybernetics, physics, astrology and information technology. Before he came to CalArts to pursue his BFA in MTIID, where he will be continuing his studies as a graduate student, Nathan hailed from Oakland where he played Bass in various Surf, Punk and Jazz bands. As a builder, maker and digital artist, Nathan is thrilled to be showcasing his work at the 2015 Digital Arts Expo!

More info about Nathan and his work can be found on his website :

David Aguila – Music – Performer Composer

Pin-Hua Chen – Sound Design

Daniel Clarke – Composition

Gloria Glavez – Photography and Media

Veronica Mullins – Sound Design

Malik Pauldon – Design and Production

Jacob Penn – Music Technology

Alan Tofighi – Art


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