Are We Not Connecting?

Are We Not Connecting


By taking text, one of the more explicit forms of representation, and reducing it to ripples on the surface of water you subvert the vary nature of the medium. This establishes a sort of poetic duality which renders the text all at once finite and futile.

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Daniel Watkins

Dan is a time-based artist, writer, and filmmaker based in Los Angles, California. In his work both as a filmmaker and installation artist he foregrounds the decay of medium in an attempt to reassemble the pieces into something reflective of my own narrative timeline. He has garnered acclaim both at home and abroad through showings with (including but not limited to) the SEFF Binghamton, NYC Bootleg Film Festival, Sunspot Cinema, and the London Exploding Cinema Collective. He is currently pursuing his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts.

His essays and criticisms are published through MUBI Notebook.

Dan also makes music with a band called Chestnut.


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