Matrix Chamber

Matrix Chamber

Matrix Chamber is an interactive sound gallery that instrumentalizes a space with movements. Using bodies to generate multiple layers of data matrices that alters sound and visuals, audience can create their own unique compositions and leave their human imprint. Play with different bodies, boxes and sensors. Dance, or not Dance. Create your own composition with movements. Experience the space and sound.


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Seoul-born electronic musician Mint Park works with a variety of sounds and visual elements, especially digital media and analog synths. Renown for her unique and tasteful audio-visual performances using modular synthesizer with visuals, she is a newly emerging artist of the Los Angeles music scene. Her horizon of musical utility is rather random and wide yet they focus on realizing each moment. Her artistic approach lies on top of conceiving and apprehending existential qualities of time and space with sound and visuals. From using traditional instruments to digital sound bytes of nature and machines, her artwork explores and encompasses the idea of finding simple ways to portray multitude of reality and its relationship to contingency. Construction and experimentation of new forms, interactive systems, and primitive graphic videos has been the main domain of her creative process. Not only in music but also in projects including dance, film, visual art and curation, she collaborates with different trajectories and people. Mint’s works have been premiered in several different locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea.

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