Digital Rain

Digital Rain

Digital Rain uses 192 electromagnetic relay switches to sonify weather data from around the world. A host computer is running a python script that gathers realtime weather data from the internet. The information is translated into short rhythms that are then passed to one of six Arduino Megas (with custom designed SnapperBot shields). The Arduinos then flip various switches creating the complex rhythms heard. Every five minutes Digital Rain chooses a new location of the globe to showcase and the soundscape shifts to accommodate the weather.


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Nathan Villicaña-Shaw – Music – MTIID BFA4
Nathan Villicaña-Shaw is a digital artist, composer and creative technologist. He is passionate about engineering, physical computing, interactive technology, music and collaborating with creative people to fabricate amazing experiences for others. He enjoys designing and programming custom interaction hardware and creating synesthetic installation environments that are dynamic, engaging and memorable for their interactees. His work draws inspiration from glitch-art, cybernetics, physics, astrology and information technology. Before he came to CalArts to pursue his BFA in MTIID, where he will be continuing his studies as a graduate student, Nathan hailed from Oakland where he played Bass in various Surf, Punk and Jazz bands. As a builder, maker and digital artist, Nathan is thrilled to be showcasing his work at the 2015 Digital Arts Expo!

More info about Nathan and his work can be found on his website :


Jake Penn – Music – MTIID BFA3


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