Binaural can be found in various nooks and corners throughout CalArts in the form of black speakers resting upon microphone stands attached to Raspberry Pi’s. Binaural strives to be an omnipresent, yet unobtrusive, part of the overall Expo experience by utilizing 16 Raspberry-Pi powered speakers to create a massive network of sound. Each speaker is connected to the schools WiFi network and is controlled by a master composition running on a Macbook hidden from view.


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Clay Chaplin – Music – ESP Professor

Jason Richards – Music – ESP – MFA1

Davy Sumner – Music – ESP – MFA1

Ryan Gaston – Music – ESP – MFA1

Martin Velez – Music –  Music Technology – MFA1

Mint Park – Music – Composition – BFA4

Nathan Villicaña-Shaw – Music –  Music Technology – BFA4

Elizabeth Aubert – Music – ESP


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