Exposing the artifacts in one’s self image through an array of iPhone/iPad cameras. Each successive phone captures its’ neighboring screen, amplifying the distortion of signals until one’s self image becomes indistinguishable; an aliasing selfie.

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Reyes Photo MOD

Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes (Tarzana, 1993) is a sound artist, fabricator, musician, and engineer currently obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in “Music Technology.” Viewed in strictly formal terms, his work is based on intricate machine fabrication and custom software design. Technical aspects aside, the interest of his work lies in visually amplifying human’s perception of physical phenomenas occurring in the sonic world.


Christopher Knollmeyer

Christopher Knollmeyer is an artist from Boston, MA. Currently residing in the Los Angeles area, he makes electronic music as a solo project under the guise of LEAFTYPE, and with his peers as BODYMASTERS. While deep in the Music Technology program at California Institute of the Arts, he makes music ranging from ambient to full on banging techno and breakbeat. Having played in ensembles since 2004, solo shows since 2009, and DJ sets since 2011, Knollmeyer is an active participant on stage, and a lightning fast producer in the studio, averaging upwards of fifty new fleshed-out songs every year. He can otherwise be found writing code, designing digital instruments, building microphones or making pizza from scratch.

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