2:00 PM
Exhibitions Open

Performances Begin in A300

5:30 PM
ROD Performances Begin

6:00 PM
Digital Dialogue 1, Feet First: Artists as Industry Interns

7:00 PM
Reception in Main Gallery

8:00 PM
Graphic Design Show Open

8:30 PM
Digital Dialogue 2: VR Visionaries

10:00 PM
Late Night Performances Begin in ROD Hall
Exhibitions Close
Afterparty in ROD and A300


Performances 2:00 PM–1:00 AM
2:00 PM: Repeal and Replace
2:30 PM: Grassbrass
3:00 PM: Interface Koto 2
3:30 PM: funVoid
4:05 PM: Faculty Lounge
4:20 PM: SpaceSearch
5:00 PM: Creative Electronic Ensemble
7:00 PM: Thanks Sharon
7:30 PM: David Rosenboom
9:00 PM: BitPanic
10:00 PM: Timber
11:30 PM: Yggdrasil


Performances 5:30 PM–2:00 AM
5:30PM: Hip Hop Lab Showcase
6:15PM: Clay Burton
6:35PM: praeluoo inFlux, anexord
8:00PM: Sonic Boom
9:40PM: Mobile Ensemble of CalArts (MECA)
10:35PM: Karen & Kill Evans
11:00PM: Dripping In Sweat
11:30PM: Denouement V2 – Ryan MacGilvray
11:50PM: IIR
12:15PM: Itadakimasu
12:45AM: Future Lover
1:15AM: Dark Pulse
1:35AM: Tears in the Rave: The Ballad of BeetleBoy