Mads Falcone

Faculty and Alumnx '13

Mads Falcone is a performer, producer, and curator who seeks to build an artistic community that challenges conventions. They are Co-Director of the Los Angeles–based Isaura String Quartet and Boss Witch Productions, and have performed and produced on stages from Carnegie Hall to Coachella to Times Square, including serving as Producer of CalArts Expo since 2014.
R.S. Buck

Executive Producer
Staff and Alumnx '18

RS Buck in an international producer, designer, and manager for live experiences. Their work focuses on disrupting communities that have fostered white supremacy and patriarchy in order to create safe-spaces to explore the whimsical. Recent collaborators in LA include: The Broad, The Resonance Collective, The LA LGBT Center, Sunweaver Creative, Electric Workshop, Universal Studios, Estrella TV, BE Moving, Woolf and the Wondershow, Center Theater Group, Deaf West. Buck teaches and designs at CSU-Northridge. They are a company member of the in[heir]itance project, The Resonance Collective, and IAMA Theatre Company. They hold their MFA in Experience Design and Production from CalArts.
Josephine Shetty

Executive Producer
Faculty and Alumnx '21

Josephine Shetty is a pop artist, music educator, and audio engineer born and based in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys absurdity, her balcony garden, bric-a-brac, and popular science books. You can catch her live as Kohinoorgasm, Pride Month Barbie, or on her monthly Dublab show People's Portal.
Melody Scallion

Technical Director
Staff and Alumnx '19

Melody Scallion thrives and practices in Los Angeles. She DJs lesbian wine bars and endless warehouse ventures as Gay Felony. She is events coordinator at internet radio stalwart dublab. She is board chair and road bike wrencher at The Bike Oven. Her side gigs include gallery A/V technician, analog video synthesist, live sound babe and queer romantic advisor.

Install Manager

K. A is a multidisciplinary artist who was raised in Atlanta, GA and became an individual by the train tracks and rivers of Athens, GA. Their work is created using collected materials, images, and sounds to recontextualize an experience of Place. Their textile sculptures, videos, and performances are time-based collages that describe a web of relationships within their immediate environment and community. KA prefers to experience their current residence, Los Angeles, via bicycle.
Max Fishman

Web Development
Faculty and Alumnx

Max is a Los Angeles-based musician, producer and software engineer. He can be found teaching Full-Stack Web Development at California Institute of the Arts, and working as a software engineer and consultant.
Amara Norman

Social Media Producer

Amara Norman (she/they) is a poet, director, video editor, pop culture obsessor, and friend. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, she dreams of creating witty, revolutionary, award-winning and subsequently award-destroying television and film. She has a B.A. in History and Critical Gender Studies. Her favorite forms of art-making are filmmaking, zine-making, cooking, baking, and daydreaming. You can find her work at
Alessandra Vorontsova

Curator and Producer
School of Art Art and Technology, MFA1

Alessandra Vorontsova is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in experimental film, installation and photography. Through experimentation of various materials and methodologies, she seeks to give a space for the viewers to make connections and metaphors with the work through the human condition.
Anatola Araba

Curator and Producer
School of Art Art and Technology, MFA1

Anatola is an artist, futurist, and award-winning filmmaker, futurist who pushes the boundaries of storytelling by fusing art and technology. Her films and immersive experiences have exhibited at the MoMA in NYC, Lincoln Center, Art Basel, and recently made history upon being sent to space in NASA’s first Moon mission since 1972. As an AI visionary, Anatola has spoken at the United Nations, Afrotech, and leading Universities. She has partnered with tech giants like Snapchat and Mozilla to tell innovative stories. Raised in the heart of New York City, Anatola graduated from the prestigious New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. She is on a mission to reimagine the future, one story at a time.
Arlo Tomeček

Social Media Producer
School of Music Music Technology, MFA1

Arlo Tomeček, a transdisciplinary artist, weaves creative expression with activism, spanning music technology, dance, choreography, and poetics. With a global showcase of work, including "Controlling the UNcontrollable," Arlo is pursuing a Master’s in Music Technology at the California Institute of the Arts. Their approach seeks to reimagine possibilities in the face of obstacles, inspiring individuals to find power in the powerless, control in the uncontrollable.
Channing Moore

Curator and Producer
School of Critical Studies Aesthetics and Politics, MFA1

Channing is a first-year student in the Aesthetics and Politics Graduate program. She is focusing her studies on art investing as a mechanism for financial security and the practices of art collecting. She works with curators and institutions such as The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation and Del Vaz Projects.
Dasol Lim

Curator and Producer
School of Music Composition and Experimental Sound Practices, MFA2

Dasol Lim is a composer whose work draws inspiration from nature, human psychology, and numerous non-artificial phenomena. Many of her works combine music and space in various ways, exploring a fascination with the musical sense of space, as well as an interest in the hyperrealistic portrayal of sound. Dasol is pursuing a Master of Fine Art in Composition and Experimental Sound Practices at CalArts.
Dylan Allen Todd

Curator and Producer
School of Music Music Technology, BFA5

Dylan Allen Todd is a queer LA based artist and performer whose primary focuses are Creative direction and Music. Their skill set also encompasses film direction, set design, art direction, costume design, lighting, Makeup and Hair. Across these mediums they focus on crafting immersive and detail oriented worlds influenced by their vast knowledge of pop culture, historical and queer references.
Emma Xu

Curator and Producer
School of Music Musical Arts/Experimental Pop, BFA4

Emma Xu (aka. PrincessM:eow) is an artist who focuses on experimental popular music songwriting, performing and production. She is currently producing her next EP, FLY, Emma Xu, her figure as a commercial image, has a strong style of futuristic Y2K aesthetics. A new fictional figure, half AI half flesh, will be created along the release of FLY. Emma is a current student at CalArts and was previously a curator for CalArts Expo 2022.
Helen Xie

Graphic Designer
School of Art Graphic Design, MFA2

Helen Xie is a MFA1 graphic designer at CalArts. Check out her work at:
Jane Hamor

Scenic Designer
School of Theater Scenic Design, MFA3

Jane is a 3rd year MFA Scenic Designer with a concentration in Integrated Media. She currently enjoys working with concrete, sod, chicken wire, and plaster gauze.
@janehamor //
kiernan robinson

Curator and Producer
School of Music Composition and Experimental Sound Practice, MFA2

kiernan robinson is a multidisciplinary artist, producer, and noise-maker from Atlanta Georgia. Their endeavors recently have focused on labor, effort, and community; exploring the ways in which we all work to understand and reconcile the world around us. Currently they are working towards their Masters in Composition and Experimental Sound Practices from the California Institute of the Arts. You can listen to their work at
Mia Condon

Curator and Producer
School of Theater Experience Design and Production, MFA2

Mia Condon is an LA-based stage manager with small-town roots. Throughout her experience she has sought out positions that allow her to explore different styles of live entertainment and learn new skills that can be utilized in future endeavors. She is so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing artists and is equally thrilled for you all to experience the work of the 2024 Expo Creatives!
Nadine V. Torres

Curator and Producer
School of Music Musical Arts/Experimental Pop, BFA2

Hello! I'm Nadine V. Torres, a punk drummer at heart, a dedicated private music instructor, and a proud member of the Los Angeles Queercore scene. Along with my bandmates in the Groans, I am deeply committed to crafting performances that empower ourselves and our community. Beyond the drum set, I have the privilege of providing assistance to the artist Phranc. Notably, I contributed to the production of her exhibition "The Butch Closet," which premiered at the One Institute’s “Circa: Queer Histories Festival”. Looking ahead, I'm beaming with enthusiasm at the prospect of further investing in my community and ultimately bringing more queer noise to the world!
Peyton Ellis

Curator and Producer
School of Music Musical Arts/Experimental Pop, BFA4

Hello! my name is Peyton Ellis and I'm a BFA 4 in Experimental Pop Music. I like to sing, dance, make ceramics, crochet, sew, and organize concerts or events. I produce R&B music with electronic sounds and jazz vocals, but I really love improvisation and other experimental things. My instagram is @realsille
Simone Maura

Curator and Producer
School of Music InstrumentalArts, MFA2

Simone Maura is a Los Angeles-based violinist, producer, educator, and multidisciplinary artist. Simone’s current areas of research include experimental music, works by women/trans/nonbinary artists, somatics, instrument-building, and archival practices. They hold a BM in Violin Performance from Oberlin College and Conservatory, where they minored in Dance, Interdisciplinary Performance, and Arts & Creative Technologies.
Vesper Ji

Graphic Designer
School of Art Graphic Design, MFA2

Vesper Ji is currently an MFA Graphic Design student at California Institute of the Arts. As a conceptual visual thinker and honest commercial designer, she tells stories and navigates complexity through various mediums of design, spanning across branding, motion graphics, 3D animation, user interface, typography and illustration. See her works at:
Yifan Lu

Curator and Producer
School of Music Music Technology, BFA3

Yifan Lu is a BFA Music Technology student at CalArts
Yulya Valuy

Curator and Producer
School of Art Art and Technology, MFA1

Marketing Manager, Art Director, Creator | Research in Art & Technology, Integrated Media
I am a multidisciplinary artist and curator with a strong marketing background. My work experience revolves around start-ups (i.e. disruptive fashion, industrial recycling, etc.), forward-thinking businesses, educational entities and art spaces. My main expertise lies in organizing educational and promotional immersive events, where new technologies and innovative products can be presented in non-traditional way. More at
Zelia ZZ Tan

Curator and Producer
Schools of Art and Dance Interactive Media for Performance and Choreography

Zelia ZZ TAN is an Asian multimedia artist, choreographer, and researcher. Her creations are about the future, focusing on presence and identity, creating hybrid performances using motion capture, XR, avatars. Zelia graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2019. Her work "Accelerating Dimension" was presented at Phygital_D Festival. Her dance films were featured in 18 film festivals. In 2022, Zelia co-founded TechDanceLab, an experimental art platform. She works with master artists such as Gilles Jobin and Sasha Waltz. Now, Zelia is pursuing an MFA at CalArts, double-majoring in Interactive Media for Performance and Choreography, supported by Asian Cultural Council. Photo credit: by Lee Wai Leung