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Riddhi Mathuria

CalArts School of Art Graphic Design MFA2
Tribhang is a tribute installation to the tribal women of India, who share the narratives of their daily lives through making art on the walls of their homes. Three main components come together to form a narrative: each dedicated to the female dominated tribal artforms of Mandana, Madhubani & Khovar. The entrance portal is in the style of Mandana, an artform made by tribal women on their entrance doors & walls to ward off evil and invite luck & positivity into their homes. The passage connecting the portal to the chamber is in Madhubani style, depicting wedding ceremonies in Indian cultures. The final chamber portrays the artform of Khovar, painted on the walls of nuptial chambers to bless newly wedded couples with love, luck & fertility. Together, the 3 components of Tribhang celebrate the dying art, culture & traditions of tribal women in India through the context of the purpose these artworks serve, in an attempt to introduce and connect them with a new & wider western audience.
Manasa H.M, Nishtha Tyagi


  • Venue : Main Entrance