Transforming Transmissions

Transforming Transmissions

AI. Culture. Creativity.

CalArts School of Music Music Technology
The AI. Culture. Creativity. Class at California Institute of the Art – in collaboration with POIETO, California College of the Arts, Inner-City Arts, Feminist AI, and various artists and content producers – is setting out to explore the artistic and social implications emerging in AI. Our aim is to advance a harmonious ecosystem where artists can thrive among the turbulence caused by emerging technologies.Together, we are collaboratively crafting and showcasing an interactive installation that delves deeply into the role of AI in creative expression. Participants will engage in a tactile journey, navigating thought-provoking inquiries about AI and its creative outputs. Our endeavor begins by producing both digital and analog sound instruments, which serve as conduits for exploring themes such as attribution and consent within both generative and non-generative realms.Our inquiry delves into the dynamic evolution of sounds as they journey from transmission to reception, further evolving within a generative sound system. Do the sender and receiver perceive, interpret, and resonate with the sound in unison, or does the transmission process inherently alter what we input into the system? In cases of distortion, can either stake a rightful claim to the newly generated output? Or are our generative systems merely novel instruments of creation, reshaping our understanding of ownership and creativity?

CalArts AI Culture. Creativity. Class 2024: Arlo Tomecek, Daniel Gonzalez, Yulya Valuy, Yibo Huang, Jake Cheng, Apaar Mehra, Luke Williams

Additional contributors include California College of the Arts AI 2024 Class, Inner-City Arts “Harmonizing Futures” 2024 AI Class, Creative AI software, POIETO, Feminist AI, as well as collaborators and content producers from art, entertainment, and tech.


  • Venue : Main Gallery