Time Traveling with Music 2.0
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Time Traveling with Music 2.0

Ingrid Yu-Ju Tai

CalArts School of Art Graphic Design MFA1
Building upon the foundation laid by her previous book exploring the profound phenomenon of music’s ability to transport listeners to specific moments in time, “Time Traveling with Music 2.0” emerges as an interactive installation. Here, participants are invited to contribute their own reflections and memories, and then, take a piece of others’ response from a printed receipt. Through the exchange of individuals’ stories with “time traveling with music”, each visitor not only adds to the evolving narrative of this project, but also gains insight into the diverse experiences of others. By delving into the intricate relationship between music and the human psyche, this project aims to unravel the mysteries of our connection to sound, fostering a sense of community through the universal language of music appreciation and music association.
Nelle Anderson, Dongchen Zhu, Levy Barlevy, Brody Scott, Zac Burgenbauch, Alex Grant, Andrew Chanover


  • Venue : L-Shape Gallery