Something Takes a Part of Me
Some organs greenware - Maria Sheinina
Liver Greenware - Maria Sheinina
Heart greenware - Maria Sheinina
Rough Sketch - Maria Sheinina
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Something Takes a Part of Me

Masha Sheinina

CalArts School of Art Art MFA1
Something Takes a Part of Me is a sculpture featuring ceramic organs depicting the physical feeling of the body during a period of grief. The organs; including the heart, lungs, kidneys with bladder, liver, and stomach, are individually suspended and are intervened with materials including constrictive latex tubing, charms, and gold luster. The organs are jumbled in relation to one another, and they are floating in space without the tethering and connectivity provided by missing parts of the body. Some body parts feel too heavy, while others are missing all together. The liver is chain smoking and the lungs are tied up in bondage, struggling to fill up with air.
Nelle Anderson, Dongchen Zhu, Levy Barlevy, Brody Scott, Zac Burgenbauch, Alex Grant, Andrew Chanover


  • Venue : L-Shape Gallery