Meeting you through this moment
Closeup 2 - Mahi Kela
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Full Work - Mahi Kela
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Meeting you through this moment

Mahi Kela

CalArts School of Art Art BFA1
The idea of owning photos of someones life is just confusing to me. A person I have never met a person whose life I don’t know but what I do have is a part of their life. A moment, a moment I can experience and I have such 121 moments from different peoples lives and I would love to show the interconnectedness of them and how they are uniquely intertwined. A short poem on what I wrote is : In snapshots unknown, a puzzle lies, Faces unseen, yet their stories rise. 121 moments, threads entwine, In each frame, a universe divine.
Nelle Anderson, Dongchen Zhu, Levy Barlevy, Brody Scott, Zac Burgenbauch, Alex Grant, Andrew Chanover


  • Venue : L-Shape Gallery