In The Club Out

In The Club Out

Luka Fisher

CalArts School of Art Photography and Media Alumnx

Luka Fisher Performances by: Maude Vös Marie Nyx, Nano Arenado, Kyler O’Neal, Tajzon Page Person, Kayla Tange. Modeled after Leonora Carrington paintings, In The Club Out features a host of amalgamated beasts who overflow the confines of human labels and expectations, as they parade, strut and transform their bodies in a lush super 16 dreamscape. Music by Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx. Concept, Design and Direction by Daviel Shy.

performances by:

And introducing
Fiona the dog

Daviel Shy – Director
@sdkll – DP & Editor
Luka Fisher – Producer
Reagan Frazier- Camera Opp
Daniel Phelps – Rigging Gaffer
Taylor Balfour – Gaffer
Joey Haley – Key Grip
Joanna Jacobs – AD
Amy Jo Diaz – Set Assistant
Jesse Hotchkiss- Scenic
Shelly Chen-Set Construction
Page Person, Alice Ramirez -Costumes
@isjahsam -Associate Producer
Gabriela Vega – Make Up
The Negative Space- Film transfer


  • Time : 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (UTC+0)
  • Venue : A300