Cochleate & Braid
IMG_2898 - Kyle Slevira
IMG_2897 - Kyle Slevira
IMG_2896 - Kyle Slevira
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Cochleate & Braid

Kyle Slevira

CalArts School of Art Art MFA2
To talk about everything that no longer is and is within the most monumental moments memories breathless breathing reviving life spiraling. Cochleate & Braid is inextricably connected to profoundly painfully penetrating, past, purging, purifying, emerging into a new form of identity by using thrown out discarded decaying things, wrapping them in sports tape and in the process of wrapping twisting shaping exists tension culminating into something else—holding on to the past, letting go simultaneously—creating coexisting unrecognizable recognition, loss with reclamation.


  • Venue : MOD & MOD Lobby