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Joseph and the Bastards

Joseph and the Bastards Joseph Dockery CalArts School of Music | Instrumental Arts Guitar |


Ivan Cunningham’s Freedom Pie (concert)

One Eye Closed/One Leg Lifted by Ivan Cunningham’s Freedom Pie Ivan Cunningham’s Freedom Pie (concert)

Bo’s unfinished vision

Bo’s unfinished vision Yibo Huang CalArts School of Music music technology MFA1 DESCRIPTION : This

Performer-Composer Laboratory

Performer-Composer Laboratory CalArts School of Music Performer-Composer Faculty DESCRIPTION : Performer-Composer Laboratory performs sights, songs,

god’s favorite

God’s Favorite by god’s favoritegod’s favorite god’s favorite CalArts School of Music comp esp MFA2

blower on NES

blower on NES blower CalArts School of Music Music Tech BFA2 DESCRIPTION : blower on


#Marxophone DNL CalArts School of Music performer-composer DMA DESCRIPTION : Miroslav and I have built

Rooh-bicks: pieces of life

Rooh-bicks: pieces of life Lopamudra Goyal CalArts School of Music Composition / Experimental Sound BFA2

XP Lab Dome Projections

XP Lab Dome Projections CalArts XP Lab CalArts School of Film/Video Experimental Animation BFA3 DESCRIPTION

Transforming Transmissions (working title)

Transforming Transmissions (working title) AI. Culture. Creativity. CalArts School of Music Experimental AI DESCRIPTION :

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